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MoreIdeas is proud to announce funding by the Canada Media Fund for VideoPixx™ supporting for innovative digital media projects.

MoreIdeas announces VideoPixx™ for video frame classification!


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MoreIdeas is seeking brilliant researchers, developers and programmers to join its team of cutting edge ideas enablers. We do not just offer jobs: we offer opportunities. We seek individuals who are excited at sharing in a global success in a field where innovation and creativity are daily routine, especially in the fields of computational vision, deep learning, statistical learning theory and visual psychophysics. So if this is your idea of a career, please submit your résumé to for one of the following career postings:

MoreIdeas — Full and Part-Time Computer Vision and Deep Learning Positions:

MoreIdeas, is based in Montreal Canada, is growing our Computer Vision and Deep Learning team to usher in the latest advancements in deep learning and develop our VideoPixx technologies for automatic video analysis and frame selection — to unify video and still images.

We are looking for talented computer vision and deep/machine learning practitioners to work on both real world problems and advancing deep learning research. Positions can be part-time or full-time depending on the situation. Location can also be accommodated.

We offer a flexible, entrepreneurial and stimulating environment to create bleeding edge products.

      Have serious engineering and coding skills
      PhD in computer science (computer vision or deep learning) (Masters with experience will be considered)
      Passion to develop and expand deep learning technology
      A strong desire to be a part of a dynamic company
      Familiarity with existing machine/deep learning libraries (e.g., Theano, Caffe, Torch etc.)

      Experience in solving computer vision problems especially pertaining to video
      Significant deep learning software project contributions
      Have practical experience working on cloud-based systems.
      Experience in GPU development (including GPGPU iOS)

If any of this is of interest we would love to hear from you.