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MoreIdeas is proud to be partnered with Canada Media Fund for VideoPixx™ as part of their support for innovative digital media projects.

MoreIdeas announces VideoPixx™ for video classification!


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    Living Image™ Technologies

MoreIdeas was founded in 2003 to develop innovative computer vision concepts for consumer markets, based on image content inference. Located in the heart of downtown Montréal, MoreIdeas builds on the city’s pool of world-class talents and expertise in imaging and information technologies.

MoreIdeas’ technology platform is based on the most recent discoveries in artificial perception and psychophysics. It recognizes people’s facial features and skin texture on photos. It extracts the image content and transforms it into value-added meta-information that is used to expand the possibilities of contextual and behavioral targeting on the Internet.

MoreIdeas’ founders are seasoned technology entrepreneurs who, from 1995 to 2003, successful launched ShadeScan™ as a breakthrough artificial vision concept, thus creating a new market niche and establishing an internationally recognized brand. The current project, LivingImage™, represents a Quantum Leap in the way images will be used to interact with Internet users in the future.

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